The State of the Sector

The Carina Asteria Cluster (the sector you are currently in) is only a small part of the bigger Galactic Community. However, after the Scream nearly 300 years ago, the Jump Gates, used to travel between Clusters (similar to Mass Relays), crashed and stopped working. Only now are the people of the cluster rebuilding despite the fact they are separated from the rest of the Galaxy.

The Exchange
The closest thing to a government, the Exchange is primarily run by the KEC and operates on nearly all worlds in the sector. They are the registry for ships, corporations, and factions; control the flow of credits (as well as the banking systems); and maintain the financial balance in the sector. Most corporations and armies (including the Cro’at Empire) follow the lead of the Exchange and in return enjoy the benefits of being able to spend credits as opposed to wasting resources scavenging barren worlds for trade goods.

The Jump Gate
Unfortunately, after the scream, any and all information regarding the Carina Asteria Jump Gate was either lost, omitted, or corrupted. Rumor has it that after the Gate went down, thousands of ships flooded the Gate in attempts to leave the Cluster only to ignite one of the bloodiest starship battles in known history. It is known as the Titan-Horde Massacre named after the two ships that sparked the battle. Once the survivors were cleared from the Gate, rumor has it that the Gate was moved and all information regarding it was cleansed from known records.

The Seraph Wars
Long ago, before the Scream, the galaxy was gripped by an invading force known as the Seraphs. Described as tall, lean, psychic creatures that resembled humans, they quickly decimated nearly a third of the colonized worlds before being stopped by an allied front of the Avian Alliance, the Terran Empire, and the Cro’at Empire. The ships that weren’t destroyed were towed back to “the Portal” where the Seraphs had emerged and detonated as a means to create a barrier for future invasions.

This didn’t work as almost a decade later, the Seraphs returned with a smaller fleet. This time, however, the allied forces included the Rathians, a powerful psychic race that proved to be the turning point against the invaders. Lacking the technology to destroy the Portal, the allied forces managed to dislodge it from its static orbit and launch it deep into space.

The State of the Sector

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